Sanctuary of the Heart Retreat 
Chiang Mai , Thailand
October 22nd-25th 2022

"The yearning for retreat: Can you feel it? That yearning is your invitation. It is the Spirit of God stirring up your deepest longings and questions in order to draw you deeper into the intimacy with the God you were created for. Will you trust it? Are you brave enough to let it carry you into more?"

- Ruth Haley Barton

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I want to invite you to get away and restore your soul. 

Set amongst rice fields and mountains in Northern Thailand we are preparing the table for you. A place to find soul rest. A place to listen to the quiet whispers of God that may have been muffled for some time now. A place to nestle into the sanctuary of your heart, to clear out the cob-webs and be with the Divine. To bring your hunger and your thirst for more, to bring your doubts and your brokenness and your sorrows, to bring your excitement and your expectation

Regardless of where you are at in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. 

"Make ready for Christ, whose smile - like lightning - sets free the song of everlasting glory that now sleeps, in your paper flesh - like dynamite" - Thomas Merton






"When we go on retreat, we clear space for God's action in our calendar...making retreat requires a certain kind of trust...We don't know what God has in store for us, but we are willing to risk what we will find out" - Emile Griffin


Please know EVERYTHING on this retreat is an invitation, you may participate as much or as little as you choose. 

We have intentionally given you ample time for quiet and retreat with God.


We will be providing you with a booklet full of journaling prompts, spiritual disciplines and readings - you may use them, or you may choose to leave them to the side. They are meant to be an invitation and not a burden.


There are so many places to sit in the quiet of nature at Suan Sati, we know that you will find a sacred space here. This is a time for you to rest your soul.


There are no expectations on you, just to come and be with the Divine. 

Each day there will be opportunities to partake in Rhythms;


- A morning Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Practice and Guided Meditation  (2hours)

- An evening  restorative Yoga practice and Guided Meditation (2 hours)

- A Check-in sharing circle 

- An evening embodiment practice


Directed Retreat

As part of the Retreat, you are invited to have two private sessions with a Spiritual Director, someone who can journey alongside you and listen with you to the movement of Spirit. Meet the Spiritual Directors here.



Sample Daily Schedule


5:30am: Morning Gong (I know, I know, but I promise it's special!) 

6am: Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and Guided Meditation (Lectio Divina or Centering Prayer) as the Sun rises

8:15am: Breakfast

9:30am: Group Spiritual Direction or Check in

10: 30 - 1pm: Use your Retreat Guide to seek after Spirit, walk in the rice fields, take a nap, read that book you have desperately wanted to read, curl up in a hammock, sit in a bamboo sala with a grass roof, sing, journal, do art, create or meet with one of our Spiritual Directors. 

1pm: Lunch 

2 - 4pm: More time to delve into rest and seeking God. 

4pm: Gentle Yoga/Restorative or Yin with Guided Meditation (Lectio Divina or Contemplative Prayer) 

6pm: Dinner

7:30pm:  Embodied Movement Practice: Finding Freedom in the soul and the body










About the Retreat

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Everything you need to know

Location: Suan Sati Retreat Center, Mae Wang, Chang Mai 

Dates: We will start our retreat at 10am on Saturday 22nd of October and finish with our closing circle at 6pm on Tuesday 25th of October.

Transport back to Chiang Mai city will be arranged at 6pm and there will be an option to meet for dinner together in the city that evening (extra cost)

Transportation: The nearest airport is Chiang Mai international airport. We invited you to fly in no later than the 21st of October. A Yellow Song Teaw will meet you all at Three Kings Monument in the center of Chiang Mai and transport you  to the venue (45minutes). This is inclusive in the price. 
On Tuesday 25th we will be transported back to the city at 6pm. Please do not book any flights until the 26th. 


The Food

There is something about being fed a rainbow of fresh, healthy, organic food. It does something to our taste buds! It reminds us of the abundance of God, the beauty of nature and colour and provision. We want to feed you with the sweetness of the most delicious healthy, body nurturing food we can! This is eating for the soul! 

Fresh, whole, plant based (vegan) foods will be served using mostly locally sourced organic vegetables grown in Suan Sati's garden. You can expect a typical breakfast to include a “make your own” breakfast bowl of locally grown seasonal fresh fruit, chia seed pudding, and soaked oatmeal packed with an assortment of nutrient dense superfoods like chia seeds, cashews, goji berries, flaxseed, psyllium husk, muesli, and coconut milk. All this and locally grown gourmet coffee and tea.


Lunch at Suan Sati is a light affair, with a salad bar, raw and cooked Thai dishes, soups, and the occasional dessert. Dinners feature plenty of Thai food like stir fry and curry, Northern Thai delicacies, fusion favorites, and some special surprises. 

Food Allergies:

If you have any specific food allergies or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are familiar with common food allergies and gluten intolerance.

Picking Weeds

Digital Detox, Silence and Solitude

  • We want to invite you to digital detox whilst you are on retreat, in order to remain fully present. There is, no wifi in any of the rooms. For 4 days, we encourage you to switch off! Of course, we understand that you may for many reasons need to connect with people, we can provide you with a wifi password in the dining area if you need to contact someone, but we ask that this be only if necessary. We are all adults, and of course, there is no policing of any of this! Though we invite you into the practice of a Digital Detox. 

  • From the morning gong until after the breakfast we will maintain silence.

  • If you would like to maintain silence for some or all of the retreat we will provide you with some beads so that other people will know you would like to have a silent retreat. 

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Your Retreat Facilitators


Naomi Pryde 

Retreat Facilitator

Spiritual Director

500hr Trauma Informed Registered Yoga Teacher

Lori  Ferrell

Spiritual Director

200hr Yoga Teacher 

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