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I am, at the core, in the sanctuary of my heart; the Beloved of God. I am one who desires to dance with God and find bliss there. I am healing, I am learning, I am growing and I am learning to hold tenderly all the parts of myself - the good and the bad. 

For those interested, I am a textbook Enneagram 9, Social subtype. As my enneagram number would indicate, I love quiet, calm and places of peace, and yet I love to be amongst gatherings of beauty and creativity. Hobbies I love are acro, live music and festivals, and a studying hindustani classical vocals. 

I have spent the past 11 years living in Asia with my husband Joshua, and our two beautiful kids. We moved to India and Thailand to be amongst the communities we love; spiritual seekers, rainbow family, the wanderers and the heart sore - those who would never fit or feel comfortable in religious institutions. The past 8 years have been spent at Shekina Garden Community in Pai, a beautiful place of Spiritual practice and devotion and with a group of soul friends who will forever have a special sacred place in my heart - we have been through so much together. 

 I have always wanted to learn about God and worship from other cultures and people, recognising that the spiritual path I was handed is one that has been steeped in white Western culture, and that Christ is bigger and more beautiful than we can imagine when we hear the voices of devotees of Christ from all over the world, particularly the voices in the margins. 

In late 2022, my family and I returned to my home country of Australia to settle our children into their highschool years. It was a decision that holds much sadness and grief.

I have entered the work force in Australia in the Spiritual and Pastoral Care sector for residential aged care facilitites. Holding space for people at end of life has been sacred work.


I hold a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Macquarie University, Sydney. 

Varanasi, India and Pai, Thailand are places in which my faith took deep roots, not only through the beauty and richness of these places, but also the places of rawness and brokenness they led me to. Those moments have birthed a passion to help people meet with the God who loves, from all over the spiritual spectrum. Those burnt out and worn out by religion, those who are strong and firm, those who are doubting and at the end of their rope, those who are curious about the spiritual life.


There is a place for you here.


My own spirituality is steeped in the Christ path, the story of hope, compassion, subversive action, justice for the marginalised and a love that has been weaving its way through history since the very beginning. The story that

we are still in the middle of. I believe in a boundless Jesus and faith, that welcomes our questions, our

vulnerability and doubts and loves us right where we are.  I am also highly influenced by the Buddhist tradition, Yogic philosophy and the Mystics across traditions.

I am passionate about supporting people whatever their path to connect to their spirituality, and find, hope, peace, meaning and expansiveness in "God" wherever 'God' may be found.

I welcome all people to direction with a soul friend, regardless of

background, sexuality, gender, belief or lack thereof.

I am fully affirming of the LGBTQIA+ community. You are welcome

here, fully loved - just as you are.

~ Naomi -xx-

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