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Mini Courses

Over the years, I have hosted online workshops and retreats. If you were part of those and would like access the content, you will find it below. If you have forgotten your password, please reach out here and I can give it to you.


Indian Christian Theology 

A 2 hour workshop exploring the big names of Indian Christian Theology and how that can help inspire and bring new insights into our walk with Christ. A yoga practice and Yeshu bhajans are also part of this workshop. 


Embodied Movement Meditation

Be guided on a journey of experiencing the God who loves bodies, who releases shame, trauma, and brings hope and freedom
The One who incarnated into a body through the mess and blood of birth. The one who touched the untouchable, lepers, dead bodies, bleeding women, and with spit and mud and touch, brought healing.
This body is our way of encountering the living Christ, the one who comes close and chose to leave his spirit encased in flesh and blood.

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 11.27.12 am.png

Prayer Beads Workshop 

A Workshop on creating your own prayer beads from the Episcopal tradition and how to use the beads as a tool for embodied prayer. Includes guided meditations and prayers. 


Seekers Journey Online Retreat 

An online retreat that can be done at any time that suits you... hopefully in a place that makes your heart feel at rest. The package offers over 4 hours of video footage, a 45 page full colour beautiful retreat guide and playlists.

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