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Spiritual Direction 

Spiritual direction is the practice of carving out a safe/sacred space of sharing and deep listening to the Spirit of God alongside a trusted ‘soul companion”.  People of faith, particularly in the West find that there is not a setting or a place in  which to have vulnerable conversations about deep personal struggles, doubts and questions regarding the spiritual life. There is not a sacred space to share how their faith may be shifting, changing, or possibly even growing into uncharted territory for fear that their place within a community will be removed. These conversations are the deepest parts of us and should be central to the life of faith. Direction is a sacred space to be held and allowed - even encouraged - to journey with a trusted companion through it all. 

Direction places at its core, a person’s living experiences of the Divine within their relationship with God. It focuses on paying attention to the Divine in our midst - deeply listening to how Spirit is speaking to the individual. It fosters connection and intimacy with God, allowing that relationship to bring transformation, love and hope to the individual’s life. 

The focus of Direction is on how we experience the Divine. It seeks out a full body ‘knowing’ of God with us, to delve beneath the surface of the facades we sometimes present to the world and to discover and bring our inmost self to the table - our beauty, our mess, our doubts and the cries of our heart. 


What does it look like? 

I long to meet with you, sit you down in a comfy chair in a place of beauty and pour you a cup of tea - we are together, but Spirit is here too - the great comforter is holding us in this sacred space.

As a Spiritual Director, my role is to assist you in paying attention to the invitation of  Spirit that is already present within you and to offer support and prayer so that you are able to faithfully respond to the Divine's leading.

I am not a Guru, a wise sage, an advice giver, nor do I have some special ear of the Divine -  I am simply a Soul friend. 

My role is to provide a completely safe space in which you feel confident to bring your whole self  and to be honest with your soul. To listen to the quiet whispers and leadings of Spirit. My hope is that your relationship with God will be nurtured and you will grow on your journey towards living into the wholehearted, beloved person you were meant to be. Like a Spiritual midwife, I will be with you every step of the way, reminding you to breathe, listen, move, and guide you with questions, and yet allow God and yourself to be together in a way that is deeply personal and for you and Spirit alone.

Please be aware that Spiritual Direction is not counselling, nor is it therapy. However, please be assured that our conversations will be held in the strictest of confidence. 


Spiritual Direction is available anywhere in the world via Zoom, or in person ion Gumbayngirr Country on the NSW Mid-North Coast. 

If you feel like God is inviting you into Spiritual Direction but you can not currently afford it, please reach out and we can figure something out. 


“Your life, my life, is given graciously by God. Our lives are not problems to be solved but journeys to be taken with Jesus as our friend and finest guide….We also need guides: spiritual friends, a spiritual director, or a spiritual accountability group that can function for us as a safe place to bear our souls.” ~ Henri Nouwen

Qualifications and Ongoing Training: 

- Certificate of Spiritual Direction - Global Benedictine Spiritual Direction Program, Benet Hill Monastery

- Spiritual Direction with Children - Companioning Center, 2023
- Women Mystics School -  Spiritual Wanderlust, 2022

"When our faith shifts and we lose so much of what we once held dear, it hurts. When we move out of the comforts of certainty, conformity and affiliation, toward a faith filled with more freedom, mystery, and diversity, we don’t get there quickly. It’s often a very difficult process where we not only lose beliefs but also often structures and relationships, even sometimes our identity.

We need patient guides, people to hold our hands and remind us to breathe, people who recognize and respect the process, and who don’t try to rush it or make us numb it out.

We need spiritual midwives who will help us give birth to something new and help us find life on the other side of a transforming faith."

- Kathy Escobar

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