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Sanctuary of the Heart
Valla, NSW Australia

July 6th - 9th, 2023

Women's Retreat

"The yearning for retreat: Can you feel it? That yearning is your invitation. It is the Spirit of God stirring up your deepest longings and questions in order to draw you deeper into the intimacy with the God you were created for. Will you trust it? Are you brave enough to let it carry you into more?"

- Ruth Haley Barton

After the success of the 'Sanctuary of the Heart' Retreat held in Chiang Mai in 2022, I am bringing the retreat to my home country of Australia. 

Sanctuary of the Heart Retreat was born out of a season of faith shifting. Drawing from the words of St Teresa of Avila, the 15th century Christian mystic, in her writings, "The Interior Castle", urging us to find, create safety and return again and again to the sacred space where God dwells. 
In recent years, in the Christian tradition that I am from, there has been a shifting and a shaking.  Many of us are feeling like Spiritual refugees, no longer able to fit into the communities or institutions that we once belonged to.  Some of us have come through unscathed, others are nursing heavy wounds, grief and trauma. Others still,  have lost their faith completely.  Spirituality is at the core of all of us, regardless of our paths. When it is shaken, when the trust it was built on unravels, we can feel lost, disconnected, ungrounded. 

Whether you identify as Christian, or not, You are welcome here. Whether you have a long history with the path, or not at all. Whether you are on a totally different spiritual path or none at all, you are still so welcome.  There is something here for you.

This is not a retreat that will attempt to 'teach', 'preach' or try to convince you to believe certain things.  Whilst I wish it would, this is not a retreat where you will come away "fixed". The spiritual life has always been and will always be a journey. We seek to be a marker on the road. A time of nurture, rest, growth, expansion, and healing. 

Your facilitators are just that, facilitators: creators of space. We are sojourners along with you on the Spiritual Path, looking for where the Divine is moving and prompting.

Our combined professional trainings and giftings are to serve you in going deeper into the secret place in you, where only God dwells. The safest place of all. This is a retreat based heavily on consent. We are learning to listen to the Spirit of God who lives in you - who speaks your unique language. 

This retreat is for the hungry ones. The longing ones. The ones who are searching and wrestling and holding with a stubborn hope that there is something bigger than all of us that pours abundant love and belonging into our hearts. We have soul longing that we are not alone, and that the Divine is as close as our very breaths, possibly even living right here, in our flesh and bones, in the Sanctuary of our Hearts. 

Welcome Beloveds -xx- 

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I want to invite you to get away and restore your soul. 

Set in the hug of mountains and tall gum trees of the mid-North coast of NSW, Australia we are preparing a table for you. A place to find soul rest. A place to listen to the quiet whispers of Spirit that may have been muffled for some time now. A place to nestle into the sanctuary of your heart, to clear out the cob-webs and be with the Divine. To bring your hunger and your thirst for more, to bring your doubts and your brokenness and your sorrows, to bring your excitement and your expectation

Regardless of where you are at in your spiritual journey, or your spiritual path -  you are welcome here. 







"When we go on retreat, we clear space for God's action in our calendar...making retreat requires a certain kind of trust...We don't know what God has in store for us, but we are willing to risk what we will find out" - Emile Griffin


Please know EVERYTHING on this retreat is an invitation, you may participate as much or as little as you choose. 

We have intentionally given you ample time for quiet and retreat to seek God, whatever that means for you.


We will be providing you with a booklet full of journaling prompts, spiritual disciplines and readings - you may use them, or you may choose to leave them to the side. They are meant to be an invitation and not a burden.


There are so many places to sit in the quiet of nature, we know that you will find a sacred space here. This is a time for you to rest your soul.


There are no expectations on you, just to come and take what you need for your soul. 

Each day there will be opportunities to partake in Rhythms;


- A morning Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Practice and Guided Meditation  (2hours)

- An evening  restorative Yoga practice and Guided Meditation (2 hours)

-Conscious Breathing and Sharing Circles

- Group Spiritual Direction

- An evening embodiment practice

+ a few special treats... 

Also Included:

Spiritual Direction with Naomi OR a session with a trained Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Rebecca Price

Joining me on this retreat is the incredible Rebecca Price, a counselor and psychotherapist. She is an incredibly wise woman and a deeply compassionate listener. 

As part of the Retreat, you are invited to have a private session with a Spiritual Director (Naomi) OR therapist (Beccy) - someone who can journey alongside you and listen with you to the movement of Spirit. After the retreat, you will also have one follow-up session with either Naomi or Beccy via Zoom. (included in the price of your retreat)


About the Retreat

Sample Schedule

5:30am: Morning Gong (I know, I know, but I promise it's special!) 

6am: Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and Guided Meditation (Lectio Divina or Centering Prayer) as the Sun rises

8:15am: Breakfast

9:30am: Group Sharing Circle

10: 30 - 1pm: Use your Retreat Guide to seek after Spirit, go for a bushwalk, take a nap, take a dip in the natural swimming pool (Brrr!), Go to the beach (10min drive), read that book you have desperately wanted to read, curl up in a hammock, sit on a mountaintop, sing, journal, do art, create or meet with a Spiritual Director or Counselor and have your story honored, and witnessed too. 

1pm: Lunch 

2 - 4pm: More time to delve into rest and seeking the Divine.

4pm: Gentle Yoga/Restorative or Yin with Guided Meditation (Lectio Divina or Contemplative Prayer) 

6pm: Dinner

7:30pm:  Embodied Movement Practice: Finding Freedom in the soul and the body

9pm: Bed for my early birds, or hang out around the fire or stare at the stars!


Everything you need to know

Location: "A Native Escape", Valla, NSW Australia 

Dates: We will start our retreat at 4pm on Thursday 6th July and conclude at 4pm on Sunday the 9th July

Getting there: The nearest regional airport is Coffs Harbour (39.5km or 30min away). 
Our venue is just off the Pacific Highway approx. 6 hours North of Sydney OR 4.5 hours from Brisbane. 

The Food

There is something about being fed warming, healthy, plant based, organic food. It does something to our taste buds! It reminds us of the abundance of God, the beauty of nature and colour and provision. We want to feed you with the sweetness of the most delicious healthy, body nurturing food we can! This is eating for the soul! 

Fresh, whole, plant based foods will be served using mostly locally sourced organic vegetables. Our hosts are keen organic gardeners, and creators of the local areas Organic food box.  

Food Allergies:

If you have any specific food allergies or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are familiar with common food allergies and gluten intolerance.

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Digital Detox, Silence and Solitude

  • We want to invite you to digital detox whilst you are on retreat, in order to remain fully present. There is, no wifi in any of the rooms. For 4 days, we encourage you to switch off! Of course, we understand that you may for many reasons need to connect with people, we can provide you with a wifi password in the main house if you need to contact someone, but we ask that this be only if necessary. We are all adults, and of course, there is no policing of any of this! Though we invite you into the practice of a Digital Detox. 

  • From the morning gong until after the breakfast we will maintain silence.

  • If you would like to maintain silence for some or all of the retreat we will provide you with some beads so that other people will know you would like to have a silent retreat. 


Your Retreat Facilitators

Click on our faces for more information on your facilitators

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Naomi Pryde 

Retreat Facilitator

Spiritual Director

500hr Trauma Informed Registered Yoga Teacher

Beccy Price

Holistic Psychotherapist, Counselor, Mama and Concious Breathing facilitator


Venue and Accommodation

A Native Escape' is a family run home, farm and venue. Here is what the owners have to say:


A Native Escape is nestled on a sacred initiation mountain which bridges the gap between the beautiful native bushland and our pristine coastline. 
Our home is inspired by world travel, the ocean, and a strong connection to nature. 

Featuring a unique canopy loft, a magical outdoor shower overlooking lush rainforest gullies with incredible vistas to the coast. 
Come, slow down and reconnect.

Kick back on the huge comfy daybed, discover a sunny spot in one of our hammocks, or get comfy on the couch with an indoor wood fireplace to stay cozy throughout the cooler months.
The Joy of cooking is embraced in our open kitchen to entertain and enjoy while we create your culinary masterpieces. 
Inspired by food, friends, family and nature you’ll find several outdoor fire cooking options to harness these connections." 

- Hugh and Jessie


Room Options:

There are a few accommodation options, depending on what you are wanting to get out of this retreat and the longings you have. A Native Escape is gorgeous, simplistic, and specialises in Eco-Comfort. All rooms are impecably designed and are clean and fresh. However, please know, that you are in nature - and by that I mean that you are REALLY in nature! Showers are warm and toasty but  outside under the stars, sheltered by vines and banana leaves (MAGIC!).

Depending on where you choose you have a little walking meditation time to get to your room - allowing you the time to seep into mindful slow time. 

This is all intentional. We would love you to feel surrounded, held and immersed in nature. This creation that points us straight to the Creator. That creates a Sanctuary. 



Elevated A-Frames on the Mountain Ridge are spacious, purpose built nests to fully Regenerate every time you enter. Breeze filled during the day, the Louvre window perfectly complement the huge glass viewing panels giving a sense of floating through the canopy. 


There is a short walk to the A-Frames on uneven ground. This is for those who want to really immerse themselves in the quiet and beauty of Nature. 

A- Frame 1:  Twin Share 

A-Frame 2: Twin Share 

Casa Nunguu (Kangaroo Home)

Built from the ground up with hardwood sustainably sourced from our Land, this 2 bedroom Rainforest Cabin opens the mind for dreams to become reality. Fully immersed in a Tropical Rainforest gully, Casa Nunguu bridges the gap into nature with a lush outdoor shower and bathroom, cosy living area with pot-belly fire and huge expansive chilling deck rolling into a lush lawn. 

*If you have any mobility issues, please choose these rooms. 

Room 1: Twin Share (double bed OR bunks) 

Room 2: Twin Share (double bed OR bunks) 

Top Nest 

Where are my bush walking, nature loving, private people at?!! This one is GLORIOUS,  private. It is about a 10min walk up the mountain to your nest on the peak. The walls open up so that you can feel completely immersed in Nature. It is comfortable but rustic. The shower is outside amongst the trees and the toilet a short walk down the hill (Or feel free to water the trees for number ones!) 


If you are after solitude and quiet, and time just for you to delve into the heart - this one is for you. I like to think that every step through the forest to your abode is a walking meditation with God by your side. Each step a prayer, each labored breath, God responding. 

Twin Share: Two single Beds

What's Included:

  • 3 nights' accommodation (twin share), 4 days of bliss!

  • 3 Organic plant-based meals a day, locally sourced from local organic farmers and grown on site. 

  • Fruit and Tea for whenever you need!

  • 2 x Yoga Classes per day with Naomi (Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin - all levels are welcome) Total of 5. 

  • 2 x Group Concious Breathing sessions with Beccy

  • 2 x Evening Embodied Movement practices/Ecstatic Dance

  • Kirtan Evening 

  • 1 private session with either Naomi (Trained Spiritual Director in the Benedictine Tradition) OR Beccy (Licensed Counsellor and psychotherapist)

  • 1 follow-up session with either Naomi or Beccy after the retreat via Zoom. 

  • Retreat Guide and gift bag full of goodies and tools to help you in Spiritual practice. 

What is not included:

  • Transport to and from the site. 

  • Off site adventures  and any off site food (you may like to pop down to the beach in your own time)

$1049 per person* 

*Payment plans are available

*If you are feeling called to come on this retreat, but are in a strained financial situation please reach out. 

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