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Bhakti Yoga 

"Jesus says; "I am the way" - the karma marga, a method of acting; 
"I am the truth" - the gyana (jnana) marga - the method of knowing; "I am the life" - the Bhakti Marga - the method of emotion, for life is emotion. . . "

- E. Stanley Jones 

The practice of Bhakti yoga has been so dear to me over the years. Bhakti is the yoga of devotion or the yoga of the heart. It is the practice of intentionally setting aside time to meet with the Divine with every part of ourselves, to listen deeply to the words of love with your whole self.

A little kirtan, pranayama (breathing practice), asana (postures), svadhyaha (study of self and the  wisdom teachers) and surrendering/yoking to the gentle whispers of Christ, God with us.

Classes whilst grounded in the Spiritual are taught in an inclusive way. Regardless of your path, you are welcome here. We will be drawing from not only the Christ path but the wisdom teachers across traditions, these are not 'teachings' but cues and invitations to contemplation that you may find that which causes your heart to sing.

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Bhakti Vinyasa

Mondays 9am -10:15am

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Candle Lit Yin Journey

Mondays 5pm - 6:45pm

A weekly rhythm of deep contemplation.

Yin is a slow and contemplative form of yoga that focuses on deep and long holds allowing us to pay attention and lovingly tend to the body, mind and Spirit.


Drawing from yogic philosophy, the teachings of Christ, and mystics across traditions, nirgun bhajans -  alongside the Ignatian practice of the Examen; this practice provides the perfect weekly reset.

Join us for. a free Chai afterwards!

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"So it is that the complete yoga of action, worship and knowledge (karma, bhakti and jnana) is attained through the Way of Love (prema yoga). To love God with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our understanding, with all our powers, with all our soul -with all our personality - that is the way of love." - Dhanjibhai Fakirbhai -

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